Implementing the Moment of Silence in your school is easy. To be successful, it needs to be implemented daily and consistently.

The following are general instructions for our program:

Step 1 - and the most essential:

An announcement is made over the loudspeaker daily that the school will be having a full minute of silence.

Step 2

Send a note home (letter to parents) to inform the parents that you are beginning this program. The parent should discuss with their child what's important to them and what values they would like their child to think about during that moment. Here are some suggestions of what to think of during the Moment of Silence:

  • There’s something inside of me that’s bigger than me
  • How I will respond to my classmate that teases me
  • How I will be grateful for what I have in my life
  • How I appreciate my family
  • How I am proud to be an honest person
  • What I am looking forward to, today
  • How I can better relax in class
  • How I can better focus in class
  • How I can respond better to my teacher
  • How I can show more respect towards my parents/grandparents
  • Give charity- either with time, or with money
  • How I can play more fairly with friends
  • How I don’t have to be a “sore loser”.
  • Ways to respond to being disappointed, without getting angry
  • Ways that I can help my classmates
  • How I will think of the good points of my classmate
  • Ways to help my Mother at home- i.e., help with younger siblings
  • Ways to avoid fights with siblings
  • I can do great things
  • How to react when I am being bullied
  • Ways I can help my parents
  • You’re getting better every day
  • Which people are those who I should look up to
  • How I can look into the good of everything
  • How can I contribute to my world around me
  • What are my favorite toys
  • I have the ability to follow my dreams
  • How can I be happy today
  • Things I like about my best friend
  • Why I like silence

(The parents can sign the note and then the child can be entered into a raffle. We can provide the prizes for the raffle.)

Step 3

The children are encouraged to write a letter describing what moment of silence means for them, (they can insert their letters into a box). The best letters are chosen and an assembly is held to reward them with a certificate and prize. We provide the certificates and prizes. The above has been written in short form. Please contact us so that we can guide you with any other questions, comments etc. Thank you very much and with your help we will succeed in changing the world for the better one child at a time!

Some schools have enjoyed this mascot of "Captain Silence" to motivate the students.

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